Math Needed for Computer Science

Computer science and math are inevitable couples. Nonetheless, there are specific types of math that computer science needs. Here are some of the most critical topics that computer science needs.

Discrete Math

When it comes to integers and sets, this mathematics branch is an important asset. This math has helped in computational models or reasoning. During programming designing, that is supposed to be used in the many machines, this math of reasoning will be useful when it comes to your logic and algorithms designed to work in different computers or programs correctly.

Discrete math is comprehensive and was deduced merely to include essential math topics needed in computer science. Students who are exposed to these topics will find the software engineering challenges easy to tackle.


When it comes to speculating on odds that can occur, Probability cant be ignored. Probability is an essential aspect of computer science because it will determine the likelihood of computer program actions. Take a look at an algorithm which separates numbers in descending structure for instance. Forecasting how quick an algorithm can run will depend on many different factors. Probability can assist in determining whether the data emitting to the algorithm is bad or good hence helping you come up with a viable solution.

Binary Algebra and Boolean

At the lowest level, a computer stands at 1’s and 0’s. However, it does so much daily. But how can it do all that with only a 1’s and 0’s. This is where Boolean Algebra comes through. The computer uses this Algebra to combine the two numbers and come up with substantial Data.




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