The Future of Quantum Internet

Entanglement is a phenomenon based on quantum physics which when exploited will revolutionize communication technology via the quantum internet. Scientists are underway to make it possible to transmit quantum bits at any two locations on earth. The two quantum bits can get entangled such that an effect on one qubit will affect the other.

The norm will be a new item to the current internet state and will offer two features. Entanglement will allow for an improvement in coordination between far apart sites. Two among other tasks can get achieved from the improved coordination. Clocks can get synchronized together. Distance telescopes can also get linked to provide better images.

Entanglement also offers privacy and security. When two quantum bits get entangled together, then that entanglement is hidden from anyone else in the universe. This kind of security can benefit applications that necessitate privacy and security.

Researchers from the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research and Delft University of Technology have collaborated to form QuTech. The team has managed to set quantum internet in development in stages which get distinguished by corresponding applications and technological capabilities.

A prepare and measure network is a true quantum network of its lowest stage allows for the simultaneous delivery of a quantum bit after a quantum bit by an end to end network within two network nodes.

In the highest stage, arbitrary quantum applications can get executed from the connection of large quantum computers on a long-term basis.

An awaking of a large-scale quantum internet could be closer than we think since the end to end transmission of quantum bits enabled by true networks are highly expected to function in coming years.




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