What is the Relationship between Mathematics and Computer Science?

Computer science is a lucrative course that many long to pursue. Quite a handful of the populace pursues it in a bid to be a hacker, programmer among other careers. However, regardless of how lucrative the course is, there’s one thing that keeps many away from it – it’s close relation with mathematics.

Different debates have emerged and submerged on the topic of the relevance of mathematics in computer science. Well, not all view it as a necessary inclusion subject. In fact, critics say that it is of little to no significance.

In this article, we will look at the relationship between the two and hopefully you will see the importance of mathematics.

  1. Mathematics equips the student with analysis skills

Ideally, coding requires the student to continuously and carefully inspect what he or she has written. This is in a bid to correct errors that one might make. The same case applies to mathematics, students have to go through their formulas and figures before giving a final answer. In short, math enables students to identify and fix bugs

  1. Computer science is loaded with mathematics

The course has lots of math. It is paramount for the student to be well versed in the subject. The mathematics skills are used to solve real-life problems using a computer. A novice in mathematics will have a hard time constructing formulas and equations required to make certain programs.

  1. It the student understand and utilize algorithms

The basis of any program is algorithms. It is through them that programs and applications are created. They are taught throughout mathematics classes and form the basis of more complex ones that are found in computer science.

  1. Discrete math is the foundation of computer science

Discrete math forms the background of computer science and programming. Skills learned through this subject will help you comprehend algorithms, complexities and other processes you will be using in the course. The mathematical theories will enable you to have an easy time implementing your programs.

Source: https://www.technotification.com/2018/10/mathematics-in-computer-science.html


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