Mathematicians Calculate The Safest Way Home For Pedestrians

The newest in the computer science involves the development of mobile App that guides pedestrians along the safest instead of the quickest route, by researchers at Cardiff University.

Pedestrians accounted for 24% of all road deaths in Great Britain in 2015, According to the UK Department for Transport. This innovation can score the safety of a given area using sophisticated mathematical algorithms, which if implemented, can reduce road traffic casualties by far.

A study in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, researchers have shown how a novel system for scoring the safety of an area can successfully predict the likely number of road casualties. The computer algorithm considers some factors– the type of street, possibility of jaywalking and the speed limits of each road in a given area, unlike apps like Google maps which only reveal the quickest way home without giving potential danger signals.

The scoring has been tested on 15 cities in the UK with Liverpool ranking as having the most unsafe roads whereas Bath was deemed to have the safest.

This novel system could help city planners and developers, specifically when assessing how changes to a city’s infrastructure may affect road safety, such as the pedestrianizing of roads or the changing of speed limits.

“Our next aim is to translate this research into a product that the public can use.’’ Says Dr. Padraig Corcoran. “We envisage something very similar to Google Maps in which a user can input their destination and then choose a route that utilizes our algorithm and gives them the safest possible journey instead of the quickest. This could definitely save lives and would go some way to reducing the high levels of causalities both here in the UK and across the world.”

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