CUR Math/CS Division its 2018 Faculty Mentor Award Recipients

The Council on Undergraduate Research Mathematics and Computer Science division has finally announced its 2018 Faculty Mentor Award recipients. The award recognizes those that mentor undergraduate researchers.

And the recipients are:

  1. Liz Bouzarth

She is a mathematics associate professor at Furman University in Greenville, SC. Her research predominantly revolves around the application of mathematics in sports, health and other community engagement projects within Furman.

Bouzarth often collaborates with students during her research and engaged learning projects, mentoring and scholarships.

Meanwhile, she has collaborated with two colleagues at Furman to come up with a project dubbed Math and the Mouse. The three-week program enables students to learn about the application of mathematics and other related topics in Walter Disney World.

  1. Gabriela Marcu

Marcu is an assistant professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan. In a bid to facilitate coordination and equity in the delivery of behavioral services and support, she combines community-based participatory research, computing and interaction design in her research.

She is also the director of Empathic Research Group, an interdisciplinary team that is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, HRSA, NSF, and NIH.

  1. Karl Schmitt

He is an assistant professor and director of data sciences at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso. He directs the bachelors in science in data science at the institution. His research primarily focuses on the application of data science in networks and graphs.

Additionally, he has designed and implemented an introductory course in data science for students with minimal programming skills.

The 2019 Faculty Mentor Awards nomination process is now open and the deadline is March 31, 2019.





UTD Math and Computer Science Departments Add a New Degree in Data Science

The University of Texas Dallas is constantly looking for ways to come up with degree programs that will increase their graduates’ job placement opportunities. And not any other job, nut the most lucrative jobs in the country.

The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematical Sciences have collaborated to offer a cross-disciplinary degree in Data Science. The first class will commence in the spring semester of 2019. It is one of its kind in North Texas.

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science and The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will oversee the new curriculum. The curriculum is bound to provide a strong foundation in computer science, mathematics, and statistics.  Upon conclusion, the graduate will be in a position to quickly and accurately draw conclusions from large data sets.

Meanwhile, Glassdoor an authentic and prominent job market website placed data scientist at the top of its best jobs in America list. The standings were based on job placement, earning potential and job satisfaction.

Dr. Gopal Gupta, Erik Jonsson head of the computer science department said that data science can be used across different disciplines.

“Data science is becoming increasingly important today. Every field or organization has big problems that it wants to be solved, and they are in possession of a large amount of relevant data. Data science can help solve these big problems,” he said.

The program also offers a capstone project course that significantly improves one’s certificate in data science, computer science, and mathematical science.

The new degree program houses a balanced mixture of computer science, statistics and math courses. As a graduate, you can work in the banking sector, healthcare, retail, government, and technology among others.




New Data Science Course by the University of Texas to Back up Computer Science and Mathematics.

A new cross-disciplinary course for undergraduate students is being introduced in the University of Texas at Dallas. This is a great opportunity for the students who will be empowered with the best know-how suitable to secure a job in the most trending field across the country.

Bachelor’s in Data Science is a course being offered by two collaborative departments in the university, that is the Department of Computer Science and that of Mathematical Science. This course, which is one of its kind in the entire North Texas region, will pick up as from the 2019’s spring semester.

Data science is focused on methods suitable for drawing accurate conclusions faster from huge data sets. The new curriculum will be overseen by the School of Engineering and Computer Science of Erik Jonsson, and the School of Natural sciences and Mathematics. The curriculum for this undergraduate degree will be laying a firm foundation in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

For three consecutive years, Glassdoor has always ranked data scientists atop in the 50 best paying jobs in America. This is not only based on potential earning but also in the number of available jobs and in job satisfaction.

Data science which uses the mathematics statistical method is applicable in many fields and its importance is only increasing.

The university has already designed seven new classes for the program, based on helpful inputs from the relevant organization in curriculum development. This is a less common program and it will be the second one in Texas.





The Trump Administration and Apple Collaborate to Support STEM and Computer Science Studies.

The Trump Administration has been working tirelessly in support of STEM and computer science studies for students, which is said to impart valuable skills to the students, especially in such times and era. This week Ivanka Trump made a joint visit to Wilder Elementary School in the rural part of Idaho district together with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, for the 1-to-1 iPad initiative.

The two spent quite some time with 1st-grade students in their classroom as they observed the young minds use iPads and some of the installed students-friendly apps to craft videos to illustrate living and non-living things differences. Other students also used the iPads to program Sphero robots using coding skills.

It was the desire of the school for Ivanka and Cook to spend some time with the students and see how they can be engaged by STEM in a more personalized learning approach, which they did.

This school which is a low-income one, began the personalized learning program for educational transformation three years ago, using the mastery-based approach. Apple donated iPads to the students through the Obama-era program, a ConnectED initiative meant to improve connectivity and bring ed tech in schools. With this personalized program the students can choose to do digitally-based projects or not, says the Jeff Dillion, one of the senior administrator in the school.

Ivanka has been on the forefront in championing this embrace of technology in STEM and also calling for girls to embrace STEM to close the gap of women underrepresentation in STEM careers. She even went for a summer coding class together with her small daughter as a way of touting the importance of STEM.

Apple too has been championing for computer science studies and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The company has already announced the “hour of code” session that will be held daily in the Apple stores from 1-14 Dec, for six consecutive years.