The Trump Administration and Apple Collaborate to Support STEM and Computer Science Studies.

The Trump Administration has been working tirelessly in support of STEM and computer science studies for students, which is said to impart valuable skills to the students, especially in such times and era. This week Ivanka Trump made a joint visit to Wilder Elementary School in the rural part of Idaho district together with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, for the 1-to-1 iPad initiative.

The two spent quite some time with 1st-grade students in their classroom as they observed the young minds use iPads and some of the installed students-friendly apps to craft videos to illustrate living and non-living things differences. Other students also used the iPads to program Sphero robots using coding skills.

It was the desire of the school for Ivanka and Cook to spend some time with the students and see how they can be engaged by STEM in a more personalized learning approach, which they did.

This school which is a low-income one, began the personalized learning program for educational transformation three years ago, using the mastery-based approach. Apple donated iPads to the students through the Obama-era program, a ConnectED initiative meant to improve connectivity and bring ed tech in schools. With this personalized program the students can choose to do digitally-based projects or not, says the Jeff Dillion, one of the senior administrator in the school.

Ivanka has been on the forefront in championing this embrace of technology in STEM and also calling for girls to embrace STEM to close the gap of women underrepresentation in STEM careers. She even went for a summer coding class together with her small daughter as a way of touting the importance of STEM.

Apple too has been championing for computer science studies and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The company has already announced the “hour of code” session that will be held daily in the Apple stores from 1-14 Dec, for six consecutive years.




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