New Data Science Course by the University of Texas to Back up Computer Science and Mathematics.

A new cross-disciplinary course for undergraduate students is being introduced in the University of Texas at Dallas. This is a great opportunity for the students who will be empowered with the best know-how suitable to secure a job in the most trending field across the country.

Bachelor’s in Data Science is a course being offered by two collaborative departments in the university, that is the Department of Computer Science and that of Mathematical Science. This course, which is one of its kind in the entire North Texas region, will pick up as from the 2019’s spring semester.

Data science is focused on methods suitable for drawing accurate conclusions faster from huge data sets. The new curriculum will be overseen by the School of Engineering and Computer Science of Erik Jonsson, and the School of Natural sciences and Mathematics. The curriculum for this undergraduate degree will be laying a firm foundation in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

For three consecutive years, Glassdoor has always ranked data scientists atop in the 50 best paying jobs in America. This is not only based on potential earning but also in the number of available jobs and in job satisfaction.

Data science which uses the mathematics statistical method is applicable in many fields and its importance is only increasing.

The university has already designed seven new classes for the program, based on helpful inputs from the relevant organization in curriculum development. This is a less common program and it will be the second one in Texas.






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