Rebekah Loving from University of Hawai’i at Hilo Earns Awarded a Finalist for National Fellowship

During this year’s award for the finalist students that qualify for the national PhD fellowship for the year, The Fannie and John Hertz foundation named Rebekah Loving. Loving is a computer science and mathematics students at UH at Hilo who successfully was mentioned among other 41 graduate students for the award nationwide. This award is one of the most competitive awards which she was able to secure out of more than 840 students that applied. Any of the recipients of the award will receive academic support for about five years that is worth about $250,000. According to the chair of UH Hilo Department of Computer Science, Rebekah is known to be an outstanding student who deserves the honour.

Loving is known to have grown up at Hamakua Coast in the Island of Hawai’i together with her siblings and has really done a lot. To begin with, she was among the participants that carried out three research programs first at Harvard University, then at California Institute of Technology and finally at the University of California. She also participated in Heidelberg Laureate Forum, a conference held in Germany last year and brought together many highly innovative and creative young researchers worldwide.

As a result of her outstanding performance, Loving has received several acceptance letters from various universities in the world offering her full funding for her PhD program, just to mention a few, Caltech, Harvard, Columbia University, UC Berkeley and many more. All these are offering her a scholarship to study biostatistics, computational biology and computer science. She is so excited at the offers because she is sure to continue with her career that she loves so much in order to improve lives of many by helping them to have a deeper understanding of various biological processes through analysis of data, development of computational methods and software engineering.


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