Computer Science Could Lead to Change of Mindset for the Students Who Perform Poorly in Mathematics

Most students would walk into a mathematics class with an already formed opinion of how they will perform in the subject, most how poor they will perform. This is the attitude of most students who have looked at themselves as very poor in mathematics and are only in class because it is a must that they should attend the class. However, computer science has proved to be a real game-changer for this mindset. Without knowledge, the same students with the same attitude have drastically improved in the subject. What was the secret? Introduction of computer science in school. This is an account of one teacher of mathematics who shifted from teaching mathematics to computer science and was able to observe the change of behaviour among his students.

This teacher has discovered that computer science provides a special and unique opportunity and environment for students to change the way they perceive things especially as it relates to their abilities and capabilities. One thing that this teacher did is that he gave an equal opportunity to all kinds of students who come to his computer science classes to discover things on their own. He ensured that in his class no one attends thinking that he/she is incapable or will fail. All of them are meant to believe that either individually or as a group, they are able to solve the problem.

He has gone ahead and exposed these students to many problems which he has allowed them to wrestle with them until they have cracked them. Students have had to meet many algorithmic challenges and puzzles and try to solve individually or as a team until they have solved whatever the problem it is. With this same attitude, the initially week students in mathematics have risen and now they perform very well. The magic was in computer science.



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