New Legislation Poised to expand Computer Science

New legislation helmed by Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s desk aims to develop computer science in all schools across the state in a bid to equip the students with the much-needed skills for tomorrow.

To this end, a question was asked, “Why do you think students should study computer science?” this question sparked a discussion in Chinma Uche’s class at the CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering in Windsor Thursday.

Since the students have all taken computer science, they saw it as a necessary skill for other students to acquire. “I think computer science should be in all schools because computers are everywhere in this world,” said student Nya Bentley.

“Computer science seems to be becoming a new fundamental skill. You learn, read, write, and soon code,” said Adittya Patil, a student in Uche’s class. The legislation is bound to expand computer science access in kindergartens and 12th-grade schools throughout the entire state.

Chinma Uche, a math and computer science teacher, says that she has seen the growth in interest among her students. “One of the things I saw in my class was students doing what they like and learning while doing it,” she said.

She says that there is a high demand for people with computer science skills. “I have students who graduated from our school and have gone ahead to work for big industries. Some have gone to work on projects for Apple, Google, just because they had a chance to take computer science in this school,” she said.

Some of the main goals in the legislation are to introduce computer science to students early enough. Shannon Marimon, executive director of the Connecticut Council of Education Reform, played a vital role in pushing the bill.



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