The Assumption in Existence that Math is Harder for Girls Is a Lie: A Study Has Revealed

The Assumption in Existence that Math is Harder for Girls Is a Lie: A Study Has Revealed

A study conducted recently has revealed that when both boys and girls of the age not more than 10 do mathematics, there has been noticed undistinguished brain patterns and activities. This latest finding is a clear indication that the assumption which has been here for ages that boys do better in mathematics than girls is not true. The truth of the matter is that the field of mathematics has had men dominating but is not true that it’s harder than their women counterparts.

During this study, the researchers found that in high school level, boys are twice as likely to score very high marks in mathematics than their girl counterparts but it does not mean that male brains have got inherently an advantage over female. This is according to Jessica Cantlon of Carnegie Mellon University. She made it clear that when these differences are noted in adulthood, it’s important to understand the history and circumstances under which these behaviour differences could have originated from.

In this study, brain scanning was done to more than 100 boys and girls doing basic math under very noisy boundaries of magnetic resonance scanner. The age was between 3-10. The team of scientists observed the activity of brain patterns of these children for almost half an hour each. Tasks were given and teams were prepared to see which brain networks became more active during math tasks. When the analysis was done for both boys and girls was done, it was found indistinguishable thus challenging the assumption that math is harder for girls!





Computer Science To Count as Math Credit In K-12 Schools

Computer Science To Count as Math Credit In K-12 Schools

In the US, Florida is one of 47 states that have resorted to allowing the learning of computer science count just like a math credit. This is dated back in 2013 when the world’s who is who united to come up with a nonprofit organization called and the main aim was to have more students get to study computer science in schools.

This plea caused some world’s billionaires like Bill Gates and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg donating a lot of money to the organization, to the tune of millions of dollars. A report given by the organization revealed that the organization had used US$91 million throughout between 2013 and 2018. Part of the money was used to advocate for the course of computer science in the whole country.

Being part of the organization’s mission to ensure computer science counts in K-12 education, is proud to announce that it has influenced the growth and learning of computer science to 42 states. As it stands now, in more than 47states, students have been allowed to take computer science in place of math. Before the organization came into place to pursue this noble task, a few states only could allow computer science to count the credit contained in math.

It is, therefore, important to note that there has been a steady increase in the number of states that have allowed computer science to take the credit of math. In as much all these advancements have been seen by the the main question that is to be asked is whether the changes will positively affect the students positively or negatively.




Shortage of Math and Science Teachers Forces New Delhi Government to Hire Computer Science Teachers

Shortage of Math and Science Teachers Forces New Delhi Government to Hire Computer Science Teachers

A paralyzing shortage of teachers in schools in New Delhi has caused a few that the results of Class X may not be good this year. For this reason, the government has resolved to seek services of computer science teachers to help in the gapping of the screaming vacancies. According to a newsletter from the government, all heads of schools were asked to allocate math and science sessions to all the computer science teachers who had been hired in all public schools in New Delhi. They would do this until when the government will hire other teachers of math and science for them to be relieved of this responsibility.

According to government data, there was a total of 709 vacancies in mathematics and 726 vacancies in science. A recent report had shown that the government had out of 709 vacancies hired 653 math teachers and 416 teachers for science. It is reported that in this year’s Class X examinations, all other subjects had more than 96% except science and math, the reason that necessitated the move by the government to have computer science teachers getting involved in the teaching of math and science.

When asked about the government’s move, a teacher stated that most of the computer science teachers are good in mathematics and that she did not have a problem with them teaching mathematics but has greater doubts of them teaching science. Most parents are purely blaming the government over teacher recruitment processes that have been very slow. A government official indicated that computer science teachers teaching math and science will equip the learners with the newest technologies and skills that would make learners develop skills.







Bridges; Outstanding Alumni Award Winner

Bridges; Outstanding Alumni Award Winner

The College of Arts and Sciences at Appalachian State University name William “Larry” Bridges ’75 as the 2018–19 Outstanding Alumni Award winner. Bridges is a part-time lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the college.

Before he came to Appalachian, Bridges worked with the Hanesbrands/Sara Lee Corp. for over 39 years, handling multiple leadership roles in information technology. He also worked for ten years as chief architect and information security officer. It was he that led Hanesbrands as it made entry into e-commerce because he built the necessary infrastructure and the applications that made the business to realize sales worth $100 million.

According to Bridge’s student, a graduate student in computer science at the Appalachian college, it was he that served as her eye-opener. This made her grow to become a well-prepared and thorough and ethical programmer. She also added that the experience which Bridge had outside of academia was key to helping her learn how to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom outside the classroom environment. She was also able to realize other pathways that are offered in this field.

By serving as a visiting lecturer in the department of computer science, he together with his colleagues was able to win a grant through the common chancellor’s innovation scholars program. This helped in establishing cybersecurity operations centre for students.

Bridges is one of the founding members of and a contributor to the Computer Science Industry Advisory Board. He also served as chairperson of for the Stokes County Special Olympics Board (1988–2018). He is a very dedicated member of the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church (1965–present).