Shortage of Math and Science Teachers Forces New Delhi Government to Hire Computer Science Teachers

Shortage of Math and Science Teachers Forces New Delhi Government to Hire Computer Science Teachers

A paralyzing shortage of teachers in schools in New Delhi has caused a few that the results of Class X may not be good this year. For this reason, the government has resolved to seek services of computer science teachers to help in the gapping of the screaming vacancies. According to a newsletter from the government, all heads of schools were asked to allocate math and science sessions to all the computer science teachers who had been hired in all public schools in New Delhi. They would do this until when the government will hire other teachers of math and science for them to be relieved of this responsibility.

According to government data, there was a total of 709 vacancies in mathematics and 726 vacancies in science. A recent report had shown that the government had out of 709 vacancies hired 653 math teachers and 416 teachers for science. It is reported that in this year’s Class X examinations, all other subjects had more than 96% except science and math, the reason that necessitated the move by the government to have computer science teachers getting involved in the teaching of math and science.

When asked about the government’s move, a teacher stated that most of the computer science teachers are good in mathematics and that she did not have a problem with them teaching mathematics but has greater doubts of them teaching science. Most parents are purely blaming the government over teacher recruitment processes that have been very slow. A government official indicated that computer science teachers teaching math and science will equip the learners with the newest technologies and skills that would make learners develop skills.







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