The Assumption in Existence that Math is Harder for Girls Is a Lie: A Study Has Revealed

The Assumption in Existence that Math is Harder for Girls Is a Lie: A Study Has Revealed

A study conducted recently has revealed that when both boys and girls of the age not more than 10 do mathematics, there has been noticed undistinguished brain patterns and activities. This latest finding is a clear indication that the assumption which has been here for ages that boys do better in mathematics than girls is not true. The truth of the matter is that the field of mathematics has had men dominating but is not true that it’s harder than their women counterparts.

During this study, the researchers found that in high school level, boys are twice as likely to score very high marks in mathematics than their girl counterparts but it does not mean that male brains have got inherently an advantage over female. This is according to Jessica Cantlon of Carnegie Mellon University. She made it clear that when these differences are noted in adulthood, it’s important to understand the history and circumstances under which these behaviour differences could have originated from.

In this study, brain scanning was done to more than 100 boys and girls doing basic math under very noisy boundaries of magnetic resonance scanner. The age was between 3-10. The team of scientists observed the activity of brain patterns of these children for almost half an hour each. Tasks were given and teams were prepared to see which brain networks became more active during math tasks. When the analysis was done for both boys and girls was done, it was found indistinguishable thus challenging the assumption that math is harder for girls!





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