The Journey to Becoming a Computer Scientist

The study of Computer Science opens one’s mind to limitless possibilities in creating model solutions to our perception of the environment. A student of Computer science has first to appreciate that what they think they know is not the truth but an idea of the truth. With this kind of mentality, one can undertake Computer Science with an open mind.
One has first to understand the basic concepts of programming languages. Five basic concepts of any programming language are program structure, variable declaration, looping structures, control structures, and syntax. Secondly, it is important to understand that a degree in Computer Science only serves to introduce you to the beginning of a journey rather than the end. Basic knowledge in computer programing only serves to usher the knowledge bearer into uncharted territory.
Computer scientists should be able to explore existing models serving the current environment. Exploration is done with the aim of identifying their strengths and weaknesses to present an informed and advanced critique. A keen Computer Scientist will hence be able to develop a newer and better computing system model.
Computer scientists should understand what different programming languages can do for them. What are the languages best suited for? What are the facilities and constructs in the language, and what do they facilitate? Sure, one can use programing languages in many different ways, but one should know what they lend themselves most easily.


Mathematics is Everywhere

Mathematics expresses itself in almost every facet of life. It is the language of engineering and science—describing everything that we observe. Mathematics is used in our everyday lives—from calculating the bank interest to figuring out the amount you need to buy your lunch. Logical thinking plays a part in our everyday activities. A good understanding of mathematics in everyday life is necessary for making sense of all problems life throws at you.

Mathematics used to understand the cycles of nature as seen in the seasons. People in the ancient world understood the importance of defining time about celestial movements for astronomical, agricultural, navigational and astrological reasons.

Even before we learned what mathematics entails, we found ourselves counting various things. One of the activities that people engage in when they are young is counting various quantities.

Everything in the solid form has shape. Squares, triangles, and circles are just a few examples of the shapes we observe daily. Mathematics focuses on regular shapes, such as the two-dimensional rectangle and the three-dimensional solids like spheres and polyhedrons.

Almost all games and puzzles require mathematical logic and deduction. Kids who play math games learn addition, multiplication, geometry, algebra, fractions, problem-solving and more. To realize mathematics in games and puzzles, start playing various popular games.


What You Should Know About Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer hardware engineers designs develops, and test computer components, such as routers, circuit boards, and memory devices. To do their work effectively, they need a combination of technical expertise and creativity. They must be keen learners who stay on top of all emerging trends to ensure they create hardware that accommodate the latest applications and programs.

It is important for computer hardware engineers to have the perseverance to carry out comprehensive tests of systems, many times, to make sure the hardware is functioning properly.

Usually, computer hardware engineers work in a research lab that builds and test numerous types of computer models. They both work in manufacturing and computer systems design services.

A person who wants to become a computer hardware engineer must pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. However, some e employers accept a degree in computer science or electrical engineering. Since hardware engineers usually work with computer software systems, knowledge in computer programming is expected. computer science courses can help you to familiarize yourself with computer software systems.

In addition to the technical skills that an individual acquires in school, one needs certain personal qualities to succeed in computer hardware engineering. They are critical thinking, reading comprehension, communication skills, and creativity.


Math Game Sites That You Might Be Interested In

Math games are an amusing way to add variety to a learning math. Depending on the game, math games are used as review, rewards or even as an introduction to new concepts. The following are some math game sites for homeschoolers:

Math Game Time

Contains games for preK to 7th grade. Apart from being arranged by grade, the games are arranged in a suitable list of skills including probability, multiplication, and fractions. The game’s layout is simple but provides an appealing format for practicing what might seem boring on a worksheet.

Among other academic subjects, includes a math arcade. Also, games are arranged by grade level K-8.

Number Nut

Games are an online quiz rather than a real game. The site is easily navigable and features many math skills. The home page outlines all the key topics.

Toy Theater

Among other subjects, has a math category. Although the games are graphically simple, they are very attractive.

Other online game sites that you might be interested in are, Illuminations, and Math is Fun, Hooda Math, Arcademic Skill Builders and Math Playground.


Which Cool Jobs Require Math Learning?

Every person wants to be associated with children who dream big. Kids want to be baseball players, dancers, pilots, zoo keepers, sculptors, and veterinarians–only their imagination can limit them. Therefore, teachers and parents have the task of giving them the tools they require to realize those dreams. Learning math is one of those tools. The following are cool jobs that require math learning:


In animation, art and math go hand in hand like marshmallow fluff and peanut butter. Algebra creates a special effect, making images to shine. On the other hand, trigonometry helps move and rotate characters.

Game designer

Video game or board designing is a cool job. Everyone would want to playtest Candyland, Clue or Monopoly. All game designers need to understand game theory which is a branch of applied mathematics. If you are an aspiring video programmer, consider studying calculus, physics, and trigonometry.

Robotics engineer

Robotics engineers test, maintain and design robots. It is a growing industry and chances of being employed are high. Look for mathematics books if you want to start designing a house-cleaning robot.

Jet fighter pilot

The life of a jet fighter pilot seems miles far from a math classroom. In movies like, “Top Gun,” pilots seem to streak through the sky without figuring out the speed and direction of wind or not calculating the amount of fuel they have left. On the fly, however, pilots complete major mathematics problems.

Other jobs that require math learning are a sports announcer and professional photographer.

How to Make Learning Math Fun

Math is a hit or miss subject. When it comes to learning it, there is no middle ground. To help students understand math concepts, teachers must find ways to better teach the subject. The following ways make the learning of math fun:


Teachers should show the same amount of enthusiasm for math that they want to see from students. Educators need to show enthusiasm for math and find ways to incorporate it into lessons. If teachers perceive math as daunting and boring, so will students

Engaging materials

A teacher must use entertaining and fun materials when teaching math. Teachers working with elementary school students should ensure they have fun counting materials, such as colored beads, fruit snacks or small cereal. Since many students are visual learners, having tangible items to work with make their understanding of the mathematical concepts better.

Real-world applications

Students must know how math is applied to everyday life. Teachers must come up with story problems that show how math is used in various situations. Use video games, dance, and sports as a way of drawing students into the math application process.


Teachers can use technology to teach math lessons. Today, many students are attracted to new technology and find learning on a smart board or a tablet fun. Use of technology in math classes helps students not only to learn math but also to know how technology can be used in our everyday lives.


What is Computer Vision?


Computer vision is a computer science field that enables a computer to sees and process images as human do and then provide the proper output. This is the same as assigning human intelligence and instincts to a computer. From the engineering perspective, computer vision seeks to automate tasks that can be done by the human visual system.

Computer vision tasks comprise methods for obtaining, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images. It also includes extraction of high-dimensional data to produce symbolic or numerical information, e.g., in the forms of decisions. In this context, understanding means the transformation of visual images into world’s descriptions that can interface with people’s thought processes.

The goal of a computer vision is not only to see but also to process and offer useful results based on the observation. A computer, for example, could create a 3-D image from a 2-D image, like those in cars. Usually, cars are fitted with computer vision that identifies and distinguish object around and on the road, such as traffic signs, pedestrians, and traffic lines and so on. If there is a sudden obstacle on the road, computer vision could provide inputs to the driver or make the car stop.


How Long Do Computer Scientists Work?

Computer science originally started as an offshoot of mathematics, and it’s more closely related to math or logic than to other sciences because of all of its theories. Most programmers spend almost all of their time developing software or thinking about how to improve a current project, but when it comes to the schedule required by their employers, they work the same 40-hour weeks as anybody else.

A programmer’s schedule is oriented around a deadline for project completion. Therefore, many employers ask developers to stay late when a deadline draws close. However, the atmosphere among developers is usually good. In fact, the majority of computer scientists love doing their jobs. Even when they’re not at work, programmers are usually contributing to some outside project or working on Android or iPhone.

Programmers can just focus on programming and spend their time thinking about Python or Java development or whatever they do as developers. It’s useful to know graph algorithms, but programmers always look them up when they need them. Being as sharp as possible helps programmers work more efficiently, but there will always be more work to do.

Software engineering has more potential for technological advancement than most other scientific fields, and growth in this industry is expected to be much faster than average. People who don’t mind working long hours to meet a deadline should consider becoming computer programmers.


What You Should Know About Writing a Math Book

Writing a math book requires careful planning. Every chapter is supposed to introduce new concepts, the ideas, explanations, and the problems must be designed to be at the right level for the students. Math writers must ensure they already know what each chapter will cover before even writing a word.

First, a math writer should research the standards of the target demographic. Each county has different math standards for each grade.

The second step is investigating what is already available. Writers must look at existing math textbooks for the country and grade level they want to write for. Do the existing textbooks have enough details and clear explanations?

Third, math book writers must organize their book. In a math book, each lesson builds on the previous. For example, you must explain decimals are in one lesson, compare them in the second lesson, and add and subtract them in the third lesson.

Writing a book proposal is the fourth step. All textbook companies have a list of what they want in a proposal. Writers are required to include a title, table of contents, description of the book, and at least two sample chapters

The last step is writing chapters. In each chapter, explain the concept, provide several examples, and develop some problems. After writing all chapters, review them.


Math Exam Preparation: How to Study for a Math Exam

When it comes to math, practice makes perfect- that’s why your teacher gives you many tedious homework problems! Although many people try to study for math exam by simply memorizing equations and formulas, the best way to learn them is to use them. Do your homework, start studying early, and ask your teacher or classmates for help if you run into any problems.

After school, look over all the notes you took in class that day for about 20 minutes. As exam approaches, review your notes for each chapter or unit more thoroughly. Pay attention to example problems provided in class because these will help you know how a given formula or procedure works.

Students who join a study group perform well on math exams. Different people understand concepts in different ways. A problem that you cannot solve may be solved easily by a study partner. If all students in the group are confused something, you should ask the teacher for help.

Most classes at least suggested, or have assigned, problems that the tutor feels are most useful. Math exam problems are mostly similar to homework problems. Therefore, doing your daily homework is like taking a practice test each day.

It’s more useful to understand how formulas are derived than simply memorizing them. At first, memorization is a good, but understanding how a formula works by doing many practice problems will increase your chances of passing with flying colors.