The Importance of Computer Technology in Our Daily Life

Computer technology is used to connect and serve people in the modern world. Mobile devices, desktops, and laptops network the world together and carry out multiple operations at once; this industry, however, includes more than these machines. Government, organizations, individuals and communities rely on computer technology to innovate or produce the majority of things in their lives, such as services, care, entertainment, communication, transportation and education.

Computer technology includes machines that receive commands and perform services accordingly. Various types of operations, such as record keeping, planning and billing transactions, take place through customized or commercially available machines. Today, most modern devices use microchips and processing units to execute their basic functions. Gas station pumps, ATM machines, barcode scanners and GPS units are some of the common devices in everyday life that use computer technology.

Television programs and motion pictures use some form of audio, visual and animation effects in their production. Video games use graphics produced by a computer, and all games must be plugged into a computer-based home entertainment system.

Computer technology also enables people to communicate effectively. People correspond with friends, acquaintances, business associates and family through social media, texting, instant messaging and email. People also use computers to create holiday newsletters and attend video conferences instead of having to travel. Additionally, people access news, stock prices, weather forecasts, and more through blogs and websites.



The Poaching of the Top Computer Science Brains in the UK

The hiring of professors in computer science by big technology companies is worrying. Warwick University’s King’s Cross campus in London, fears the poaching of the best computer scientists in UK universities by US groups such as Google, Uber and Amazon is threatening the ability of Britain to build on a world leading position in machine learning.

Salary is one of the reasons why computer science lecturers are leaving academia to tech companies. The lecturers are offered huge salaries, around four times as much [as in universities]. The question is who will train future researchers and who owns the knowledge that is being produced?

Last month, the British government unveiled plans to invest up to £300 million in AI research to nurture the status of the country as Europe’s center for machine learning. Although the fund will not provide university academics with wages to match those at big technology companies, it should make AI research in British colleges and universities more attractive and possibly improve its quality.

During the past two years, professors who have left for big tech companies include Neil Lawrence, professor of machine learning at Sheffield university, hired by Amazon to be its director of machine learning; Murray Shanahan, professor of cognitive robotics at Imperial College London, recruited as senior research scientist at Google’s DeepMind unit; and Zoubin Ghahramani, professor of information engineering at Cambridge university, employed as Uber’s chief scientist.


Is Math Really Hard?

Many times I have heard students say ‘Math is hard. I have also heard some students say mathematics is a straightforward subject.

It is funny that most people that complain about math are very smart when calculating money. If mathematics is hard as some people believe, then most people ought to be looking for mathematicians to help with their daily transactions.

Mathematics is one of the subjects where you can score highly because as long as you solve it properly you get the same answer as your teacher. Math also does not change based on time, in every language, so what is hard about mathematics?

There are two main reasons why most people believe mathematics is hard. These are:


Some teachers instill fear into their students by making them believe that they cannot get a credit or distinction easily. Teachers may do this deliberately. They may also infuse fear into students because they don’t really understand; therefore, they mess things up to cover their ignorance.

Family and friends

Before some students get into a mathematics class, they would have been told by their family or friends how hard it is for them to understand mathematics. This created a mental barrier that can take years to be broken.

Before getting into math classes, students should have an open mind and attempt to delete all negative stories they heard about mathematics.


Where Can Math Take You?

Studying Mathematics provides a foundation for students that want to understand how to approach problems with mathematical solutions. Although mathematics might be challenging, it is rewarding and fun.

Students who major in mathematics have many opportunities. Studying mathematics prepares students for traditional pursuits like graduate study, work as an actuary, and teaching. Students with a love of mathematics combine it with a pre-professional curriculum or a major in the engineering to provide a solid background for employment in a field related to mathematics.

Studying mathematics allow student to develop critical thinking, analytical thinking, problem solving, time management, communication, quantitative reasoning, teamwork, independence, and ability to manipulate precise and intricate ideas.

The mathematical economics major offer an opportunity for students with an interest in business and mathematics or economics to combine these interests. It gives students an opportunity to explore the e relationship between economics and mathematics. The combination of mathematics and economics prepares the student to go onto graduate study in finance or economics, or to go into the business world.

Career opportunities are very many for students who study mathematics. They may pursue career paths in science, business or technical fields or disciplines like social services, government and education. Some of the occupations that mathematics graduates enter include: accountant, computer programmer, engineer, lawyer, mathematician, theoretical mathematician, market researcher, banking, space/aircraft industry, actuary, doctor, investment manager, numerical analyst, statistician, teacher, and systems analyst


Three Ways a Teacher Can Help Students Understand Math

The ultimate goal of math teachers’ instructions is students to understand the materials presented, apply the skills, and recall the concepts in the future. It is important for math teachers to focus on making sure their learners understand the materials and not just remember formulas and procedures. Here are four ways a teacher can help students understand math.The ultimate goal of math teachers’ instructions is students to understand the materials presented, apply the skills, and recall the concepts in the future. It is important for math teachers to focus on making sure their learners understand the materials and not just remember formulas and procedures. Here are four ways a teacher can help students understand math.Have an effective class opener It is imperative for teachers to spend at least five minutes of the class period to set the tone for entire lesson. Within the first few minutes teachers should share the agenda for the lesson so that students can know the expectations for what will occur. Next, teachers should post and articulate essential question or learning objective to the class so that learners know the purpose and can self-assess whether the purpose has been met for them at the end of the lesson.Introduce topics using many representations.Students better understand the concept being presented if many types of representations are presented to them. Representations could include using showing a picture, using manipulatives, offering a symbolic representation, or drawing out the problem. For instance, when you present liner relations with one unknown, you can illustrate to learners the same problem on a number line, as an equation, with pictures, and in words.Show the application.It is important to demonstrate to students how every concept is applied to the real world. This helps improve the understanding of the students. Teachers should take a few minutes out of each lesson to show their students how and where the math can be used in life outside of the classroom.References

Your Journey into the World of Programming

Computer programming is one of the most valued skills you can learn today. As we continue to move into the digital age, programming will increase in importance. The thought of learning programming can be difficult, but here are some tips you can use as you begin your journey into the world of programming.

  1. Choose a language

Although, there are a lot of programming languages today, there is no best programming language to learn. Therefore, there is no need to get hung up on which coding language you choose in the end. However, there are some languages that are believed to be easier than others. Many computer scientists recommend starting coding with C or Python

  1. Be patient

With programming, you need to start small and be patient. It is impossible to design applications and pull of “hack” just when you have started.  During the initial stages of your journey into the world of programming, it is important to ensure you understand the basics of coding.

  1. Go slow

Learning to code can be a challenging process at first. Therefore, when learning your first coding project, ensure you are breaking down the learning modules into simpler, smaller steps. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.



What to do with a Math Degree

What can you do with a degree in math? The answer to this question is varied as mathematicians are in demand in many industries. People who study math find themselves working in sectors they have never even considered, such as medicine and law. The following are some potential answer to the question “what can I do with a degree in math?

Careers in finance and accountancy

Accountancy offers many choices for math degree graduates. Accountancy jobs include roles such as tax consultants, forensic accountant, corporate advisor and management accountant.

Careers in banking

Opportunities in banking are many and range from retail banking to corporate banking. Both arenas focus on financial assessment with opportunities to specialize in areas such as bonds and shares, mergers and acquisitions, lending, privatization, and IPOs.

Actuarial careers

Actuary evaluates financial risk to advise clients. Combining in-depth knowledge of business and economics with risk analysis skills, actuaries are at the heart of the business, ensuring business goals are fulfilled, and sound investment is made.

Statisticians careers

Specialists in statistics are known as statisticians. Statisticians’ skills are needed in many industries, ranging from finance to sport and healthcare to government. As a statistician, you will be required to manage, collect, and arrange data using experiments, survey, and contextual analysis.


The Journey to Becoming a Computer Scientist

The study of Computer Science opens one’s mind to limitless possibilities in creating model solutions to our perception of the environment. A student of Computer science has first to appreciate that what they think they know is not the truth but an idea of the truth. With this kind of mentality, one can undertake Computer Science with an open mind.
One has first to understand the basic concepts of programming languages. Five basic concepts of any programming language are program structure, variable declaration, looping structures, control structures, and syntax. Secondly, it is important to understand that a degree in Computer Science only serves to introduce you to the beginning of a journey rather than the end. Basic knowledge in computer programing only serves to usher the knowledge bearer into uncharted territory.
Computer scientists should be able to explore existing models serving the current environment. Exploration is done with the aim of identifying their strengths and weaknesses to present an informed and advanced critique. A keen Computer Scientist will hence be able to develop a newer and better computing system model.
Computer scientists should understand what different programming languages can do for them. What are the languages best suited for? What are the facilities and constructs in the language, and what do they facilitate? Sure, one can use programing languages in many different ways, but one should know what they lend themselves most easily.

Mathematics is Everywhere

Mathematics expresses itself in almost every facet of life. It is the language of engineering and science—describing everything that we observe. Mathematics is used in our everyday lives—from calculating the bank interest to figuring out the amount you need to buy your lunch. Logical thinking plays a part in our everyday activities. A good understanding of mathematics in everyday life is necessary for making sense of all problems life throws at you.

Mathematics used to understand the cycles of nature as seen in the seasons. People in the ancient world understood the importance of defining time about celestial movements for astronomical, agricultural, navigational and astrological reasons.

Even before we learned what mathematics entails, we found ourselves counting various things. One of the activities that people engage in when they are young is counting various quantities.

Everything in the solid form has shape. Squares, triangles, and circles are just a few examples of the shapes we observe daily. Mathematics focuses on regular shapes, such as the two-dimensional rectangle and the three-dimensional solids like spheres and polyhedrons.

Almost all games and puzzles require mathematical logic and deduction. Kids who play math games learn addition, multiplication, geometry, algebra, fractions, problem-solving and more. To realize mathematics in games and puzzles, start playing various popular games.


What You Should Know About Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer hardware engineers designs develops, and test computer components, such as routers, circuit boards, and memory devices. To do their work effectively, they need a combination of technical expertise and creativity. They must be keen learners who stay on top of all emerging trends to ensure they create hardware that accommodate the latest applications and programs.

It is important for computer hardware engineers to have the perseverance to carry out comprehensive tests of systems, many times, to make sure the hardware is functioning properly.

Usually, computer hardware engineers work in a research lab that builds and test numerous types of computer models. They both work in manufacturing and computer systems design services.

A person who wants to become a computer hardware engineer must pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. However, some e employers accept a degree in computer science or electrical engineering. Since hardware engineers usually work with computer software systems, knowledge in computer programming is expected. computer science courses can help you to familiarize yourself with computer software systems.

In addition to the technical skills that an individual acquires in school, one needs certain personal qualities to succeed in computer hardware engineering. They are critical thinking, reading comprehension, communication skills, and creativity.